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Unleash Your Creativity with Venturz - The Top Free Squarespace Alternative for Creating Stunning Websites.

OverviewIt is a all in one software to launch, grow and scale a startup. We offer a wide range of tools including CRM, Website Builder, Campaign Management, Affiliate Management, Payments, Capital /Fundraising, and more. Squarespace is a website builder and hosting service that allows users to create and manage websites without requiring coding or technical skills.
Website BuilderOne of the easiest-to-use and feature-rich page builders for quickly launching a full blown website or custom landing pages Limited flexibility compared to other website builders
Custom Domain Connect your domain instantly for a complete white label experience Higher domain registration fees compared to other providers
Custom Theming/Branding Customize your website with a variety of templates and design options for a unique look and feel. Limited options for customizing the theme or design beyond the templates provided
SSO Our platform provides various authentication options for easy and secure access. Squarespace doesn't provide native SSO functionality and requires third-party integrations
Drag & Drop Our drag & drop functionality offers flexibility in arranging page elements for a seamless user experience. Limited drag and drop functionality compared to other website builders
Rich text editor Our text editor provides multiple formatting options for creating engaging content. No option for customizing font styles or sizes beyond the available templates
CSS styling Take control of your website's style with advanced CSS styling options. Limited CSS customization options compared to other website builders
Custom codeManage sharing settings and permissions for secure collaboration. Limited access to the backend code
Sharing controls Manage sharing settings and permissions for secure collaboration. No option for advanced sharing controls such as time-based access
Form builder Our form builder offers advanced customization options for gathering data and feedback. No native integration with popular form builders such as Typeform or Wufoo
Favoriting We offer favoriting options. NA
Page history Keep track of changes and revisions with our page history feature. No option to compare or revert to previous versions of a page
SEO Optimize your website for search engines with our built-in SEO tools. No native integration with popular SEO tools such as Yoast or SEMrush
Auth options Our platform provides various authentication options for easy and secure access. Limited authentication options beyond username and password
Heading links Customize heading links for a better user experience. Limited options for creating anchor links within a page
Table of contents Easily organize and customize table of contents for longer pages. Can be difficult to create a table of contents for beginners
Full screen mode We offer a full screen mode. NA
Mobile responsive Our platform offers customizable mobile responsiveness for a seamless user experience on all devices. Limited options for customizing mobile responsiveness beyond the available templates
Auto redirection Control redirection options for a better user experience. Limited options for creating automatic redirects
User, Role, and Access Management Manage users, roles, and access permissions for a secure online presence. No option for advanced access management such as time-based access
Dashboards and Reports Get advanced insights with our dashboard and reporting options. Limited options for creating custom dashboards and reports beyond the available templates
Community/Forum Provides a robust built-in community/forum functionality along with the integrations to 3rd party platforms. Users cannot create a discussion forum or social network within their Squarespace website without using a third-party tool.
Custom domain Custom domains available with a paid subscription. Have to purchase a domain separately or transfer their existing domain to Squarespace.
Custom branding Customizable community forum functionality with more options than the competitor's platform. Users can only choose from a set of templates, and there is no option for users to upload their own custom templates or themes.
SSO Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality to make it easier for users to access the platform. Does not have a built-in single sign-on (SSO) feature
Reactions / Likes Built-in feature for reactions or likes, allowing users to easily show their appreciation for posts or comments. Does not have a built-in reactions or likes feature.
Threaded comments Support for threaded comments, making it easier to follow conversations and discussions within the community/forum. No support threaded comments
Rich text editor Our platform provides a user-friendly and customizable text editor that allows you to create engaging and visually appealing content for your community/forum. Users are limited to the options provided in the editor, which may not be enough for those who want more advanced formatting or customization options.
Tags/Groups Customizable tags or groups to help organize and categorize posts and discussions. No built-in tags or groups feature.
Post visibility Greater control over post visibility to ensure that content is visible to the right audience. No built-in post visibility feature.
Social networks connection Built-in social network integration to make it easier for users to share content on their own social media accounts. There is no way to automatically publish website content to social media platforms or display social media feeds on a website without using a third-party tool.
SEO Advanced SEO features, including custom metadata, to help boost your website's visibility and search engine rankings. SEO capabilities can be limited for those who want more control over their website's search engine rankings.
Open Graph/Social media Built-in Open Graph and social media sharing features to help promote your community/forum on social media. Limited built-in open graph and social media integration
Online events Built-in features for online events, polls, and live streaming to engage with your community/forum members. Squarespace does not have a built-in online events module.
Polls Customizable user profiles to help users showcase their interests, expertise, and personalities. Does not have a built-in polls feature.
Live stream With our built-in live streaming feature, you can host virtual events, webinars, and Q&A sessions to connect with your community in real-time. NA
Recordings You can easily record and save your live streams, webinars, and other events to share with your community later on. NA
User profile Our customizable user profile feature allows your community members to showcase their interests, expertise, and personalities. This helps to foster a sense of community and connection within your platform. Users cannot create and manage user profiles directly on their Squarespace website without using a third-party tool.
Team collaboration Comprehensive collaboration features, including real-time editing and document collaboration. There is no built-in feature for team communication or collaboration.
Member directory Built-in member directory and messaging features to help members connect and collaborate with each other. No built-in member directory feature.
Member messaging Our built-in member messaging feature allows your community members to easily connect and communicate with each other. This helps to foster collaboration and community building within your platform. Users cannot send private messages to other members or users on a website
Customer support Dedicated customer support to help you troubleshoot any issues and ensure that your community/forum runs smoothly. Squarespace does not offer phone support, which can be frustrating for users who prefer to talk to a support representative.
CRM Our CRM offers a cost-effective and flexible pricing model, without compromising on features or functionality. It lacks the ability to automate lead nurturing and follow-ups, which can be a significant drawback for businesses.
Contact Management Our CRM provides extensive customization options for managing your contacts, allowing you to tailor your contact management to your specific needs. It lacks the ability to create custom fields to capture unique information about contacts
Granular segmentation Our CRM offers smart list functionality, allowing you to segment your contacts in granular detail and target them with specific marketing campaigns. Does not offer granular segmentation capabilities
Geo location data Our CRM provides advanced mapping options, allowing you to easily visualize and analyze geographic data. Squarespace does not provide geo-location data to help businesses target customers
Custom properties Our CRM allows you to set default values for custom properties, making it easier to manage your data and streamline your workflow. Does not offer custom properties to capture unique information about contacts and customers.
Detailed activity report We offer comprehensive activity reports that provide you with valuable insights into your customer interactions and sales performance. Provides basic analytics and reporting features
Real time updation Our CRM offers real-time syncing with other tools, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your workflows across different platforms. Real-time updates to data and information within the Squarespace CRM are limited
Messaging Our messaging features include SMS and WhatsApp support, allowing you to reach your customers on their preferred communication channels. Does not offer built-in messaging features
Lead Scoring Our CRM offers advanced AI-based lead scoring, allowing you to prioritize your leads and focus on the ones with the greatest potential. Provides only basic functionality for tracking and prioritizing leads.
Sales pipeline management Our sales pipeline management integrates with VoIP services, providing transcription and other advanced features. Does not offer advanced sales pipeline management features
Call Tracking Our CRM integrates with VoIP services and provides transcription functionality, allowing you to track your calls and gain valuable insights into your sales process. Does not offer built-in call tracking features
Company Insights Our CRM provides comprehensive data on companies, allowing you to gain insights into their operations, revenue, and other key metrics. Reporting and analytics tools are limited, providing only basic information about website traffic and engagement.
Landing Page builder Our landing page builder offers a wide range of customization options to create pages that align with your brand. Limited in terms of customization options and advanced features, which may impact the ability to create high-converting pages.
Ad Management Our CRM provides ad creation options and extensive customization options, allowing you to create and manage your ad campaigns with ease. Does not offer built-in ad management capabilities
Form Builder Our CRM provides payment processing options for your forms, allowing you to seamlessly collect payments from your customers. Form builder is limited in terms of customization options and advanced features,
Live Chat Venturz offers chatbot functionality and proactive messaging in our live chat feature, providing a seamless customer experience. Built-in live chat features are limited, providing only basic functionality for engaging with customers in real-time.
CRM Help Desk Using our CRM help desk, you can manage customer inquiries and issues with ease, with a dedicated customer portal for easy access. Does not offer built-in help desk
Prospect Tracking With Venturz's prospect tracking, you have extensive integration options to keep track of leads from various sources. Provides only basic functionality for tracking and prioritizing potential customers.
Sales Automation Our sales automation workflows help you automate your sales processes, saving you time and effort. Has only basic functionality for automating repetitive tasks and workflows.
Ticketing Using our ticketing system, you can provide multi-channel support and customize the platform to suit your needs. Does not offer built-in ticketing features
Team Email/Inbox Venturz offers a vast collection of attractive email templates to help you create visually appealing emails that catch the recipient's attention. Squarespace's team email/inbox lacks some advanced features such as read receipts, chat history logging, and advanced reporting and analytics.
Shared inbox Our shared inbox functionality comes with robust user permission controls and team chat functionality that enables teams to collaborate more efficiently. Lacks a shared inbox feature that allows multiple team members to access and respond to emails from a single email address.
Number of team members Venturz allows unlimited users on all plans, so you can have as many team members as you want. Has a limit on the number of team members that can access the email inbox, which can be a disadvantage for larger teams.
Custom email domain We provide customizable email domains with many custom options to help you create a professional image for your brand. Does not offer a custom email domain feature. This means that users are limited to using the domain for their email addresses, which can be unprofessional for businesses.
Private inboxes With our private inbox feature, you can restrict access to your email account, ensuring your privacy. Does not have a private inbox feature
Message sorting/filtering Venturz offers advanced message filtering options with smart filters that help you organize your email more efficiently. Lacks advanced message sorting and filtering options, which can make it difficult for users to manage their inbox efficiently.
Labelling Our labeling feature comes with multiple color options and sub-labels to help you categorize your emails. Does not have a labelling feature,
A/B Testing Venturz offers advanced A/B testing options, allowing you to test multiple variations of your emails and choose the winner that resonates with your audience. Does not offer A/B testing for email campaigns
Personalization Our personalization feature comes with dynamic content options to help you personalize your emails based on recipient data. Has limited personalization options for emails
Workflow Automation Venturz provides advanced automation features, including branching, allowing you to automate your email workflows and save time. Has limited workflow automation capabilities
Analytics and Reporting Our analytics and reporting feature provides advanced reporting options, helping you track and analyze your email performance and make data-driven decisions. Lacks advanced analytics and reporting features
Templates Venturz offers an extensive library of customizable templates, with the option to share templates across your team. Has a limited number of email templates
Segmentation Our segmentation feature provides advanced options to segment your email lists based on custom rules and criteria. Squarespace lacks advanced segmentation options for email campaigns
Integration Venturz offers integrations with multiple third-party platforms, and all plans come with API access to ensure seamless integrations. Has limited integration options with third-party software,
Drag-and-drop email builder Our drag-and-drop email builder comes with an intuitive interface and advanced customization options, with no CSS coding required. Lacks a drag-and-drop email builder
Mobile optimization Venturz offers advanced mobile optimization options, including device-specific customization, to ensure your emails look great on all devices. Has limited mobile optimization capabilities for email campaigns
Helpdesk + Live chat Our Helpdesk and Live chat offers custom chat triggers to improve customer engagement. Squarespace does not have a built-in helpdesk or live chat feature for email support
CMS Our CMS has a high website page limit and includes dynamic content for a more personalized experience. Does not have a Content Management System (CMS) specifically for email campaigns,
Chat widget With our Chat widget, you can fully customize and target it to specific audiences for maximum impact. Squarespace does not offer a chat widget feature
Set availability Venturz makes scheduling availability easy with our automatic availability updates and flexible scheduling options. NA
Chatbot/AI Our Chatbot/AI integration is highly customizable and can be tailored to your business needs. NA
Ticketing Venturz Ticketing provides recurring ticket options and customizable workflows for efficient task management. NA
Read receipts At Venturz, we understand the importance of being able to track when your emails have been read. That's why we offer read receipts as a standard feature in our email communication tools. NA
Chat History Logging Our Chat History Logging features comprehensive search and chat log filtering for easy reference. NA
Reporting and analytics Get detailed insights with our Reporting and analytics features that include funnel visualization options. Squarespace lacks advanced reporting and analytics features for chat support.
Canned responses Create personalized responses with ease using our customizable Canned responses, which can be shared across your team. Has limited canned response options for chat support, which can be a disadvantage for teams that need to respond quickly
Ticketing and task management Venturz Ticketing and task management is highly customizable and can be tailored to fit your unique business needs. NA
Visitor tracking Track visitors in real-time with our Visitor tracking features that give you a better understanding of customer behavior. Lacks advanced visitor tracking features for chat support,
Multi-channel support Venturz offers multi-channel support with channel-specific settings for a seamless customer experience. Squarespace only supports email and chat support
Campaigns Venturz takes campaign management to the next level with advanced options for segmentation, targeting, and automation. With our platform, you can easily create targeted campaigns, automate your marketing efforts, and optimize your strategies for greater success. It does not offer advanced segmentation options or multi-step campaigns with branching logic.
One time We offer the option to create one-time campaigns as well as recurring campaigns. Does not offer one-time campaign features
Drip automation Venturz offers a high level of customization and branching for drip automation campaigns. Has limitations in terms of personalization and branching logic.
Multi media content We offer a wide range of content management options for multimedia content. Limited multimedia support, only allowing basic image uploads and URL links
Custom segments Venturz allows users to create custom segments with advanced customization options. Lacks advanced segmentation options
Entry/Exit paths Venturz provides advanced path tracking features to track the entry and exit paths of leads. Does not offer advanced entry/exit path options,
Customizable Templates Venturz offers a large library of customizable templates with versioning options. Has limitations in terms of design flexibility and customization options.
Email Tracking & Engagement Notifications We provide comprehensive email tracking options with engagement notifications for unsubscribes. Lacks advanced email tracking capabilities,
A/B Testing Venturz offers extensive test options with customizable test duration. Limited A/B testing options, such as subject line testing and basic content testing
2 Way Messaging Venturz provides advanced two-way messaging options with automatic message forwarding. Does not offer 2-way messaging capabilities
API Venturz offers robust API key management for seamless integration with third-party tools. Has a limited API that may not support all necessary integrations or customizations.
Auto-Responders We offer automatic responder triggers with extensive customization options. Lacks advanced auto-responder capabilities such as triggered messaging based on real-time data or integrations with CRM tools.
CAN SPAM Compliance Venturz offers comprehensive compliance reporting and settings for CAN-SPAM regulations. Lacks advanced compliance options, such as double opt-in and unsubscribe tracking,
Activity Dashboard Fully customizable dashboard with custom widgets for real-time data analysis. Lacks a comprehensive activity dashboard that can provide real-time insights into campaign performance and visitor behavior.
Customizable CTAs Venturz offers CTA grouping and advanced customization options for maximum flexibility. The platform lacks advanced options for A/B testing, personalization, and targeting.
Message Personalization Offers extensive personalization options with dynamic content. Has limitations when it comes to personalizing messages, particularly in terms of dynamic content and segmentation options.
ROI Tracking Venturz provides advanced tracking options for comprehensive ROI tracking. Limited options for tracking ROI, particularly when it comes to tracking revenue generated from email campaigns.
Provides limited tracking options Advanced real-time reporting options with custom reports Lacks real-time reporting capabilities
Scheduled Messaging Venturz offers extensive scheduling options with recurring schedules for maximum efficiency. Lacks advanced scheduling options
Spam Blocker Advanced spam quarantine and blocking options to ensure optimal deliverability. Squarespace offers basic spam blocking capabilities, the platform lacks advanced options for spam filtering and monitoring.
Template Management Venturz provides extensive template categorization options for efficient management. Has limitations when it comes to managing templates, particularly in terms of version control and collaboration options.
Analytics Venturz Analytics provides robust flexibility in custom reporting and dashboard creation, with extensive support for mobile app reporting. No support for advanced statistical analysis or machine learning algorithms
Sessions - Digital Analytics Our Sessions - Digital Analytics feature allows for comprehensive tracking and analysis of user sessions. Only provides limited insights into user behavior, such as page views and unique visitors
Standard Event Tracking Numerous event tracking options, and our Engagement feature provides extensive tracking of user engagement Event tracking capabilities are limited, which can be a drawback for users who want to track more advanced events.
Engagement Advanced tracking and analysis of conversions, and our Retention feature offers in-depth analysis of user retention. Does not provide detailed insights into user engagement, such as time spent on page,
Entry and Exit Tracking Comprehensive funnel analysis capabilities, and our Mobile Reporting feature offers extensive reporting options for mobile devices. Venturz Analytics also offers complete customization options for creating reports and dashboards. Does not provide detailed insights into entry and exit pages,
Conversions Advanced options for site search reporting, and our Load Time Monitoring feature includes a dedicated report for website performance monitoring. Conversion tracking capabilities are limited
Retention Our platform provides robust retention analysis capabilities to help you keep users engaged with your website. Does not provide detailed insights into user retention, such as repeat visits,
Return Venturz offers advanced tools to track and analyze return visitors to your website. Does not provide detailed insights into user return behavior, such as return visitors
Funnels Our platform provides in-depth funnel analysis capabilities to help you optimize your website's user flow. Does not provide detailed insights into funnel behavior, such as drop-off rates
Mobile Reporting Venturz provides extensive mobile reporting features to help you understand your mobile users. Mobile reporting capabilities are limited,
Custom Reports and Dashboards We offer a wide range of customization options for reports and dashboards, so you can get the insights you need to make informed decisions. Reporting capabilities are limited in terms of customization options
Site Search Reporting Site search reporting is a breeze with Venturz, and you can monitor website performance with our dedicated load time monitoring tools. NA
Load Time Monitoring Venturz provides dedicated reports for website performance monitoring, so you can ensure your website is fast and reliable. Does not provide detailed insights into the site's load time
Campaign Tracking Our platform offers extensive options for tracking campaign performance, so you can optimize your advertising campaigns for maximum ROI. No detailed insights into marketing campaign performance
E-Commerce Tracking With Venturz, you can easily track e-commerce data and gain insights into how users interact with your online store. Tracking features are relatively basic, and it can be challenging to track advanced e-commerce metrics accurately.
API / Integrations You can easily integrate Venturz with a wide range of third-party tools using our robust API integrations. Our platform also offers powerful QA testing tools to help you ensure your website is running smoothly. Does not offer many third-party integrations
QA Testing Our platform provides dedicated tools for website QA testing, so you can ensure your website is functioning properly. NA
User, Role, and Access Management With our user, role, and access management features, you have full control over who can access your website and what they can do. The Capabilities are relatively basic, which can be a limitation for users.
Demographics We provide detailed demographic data to help you understand your audience and tailor your website to their needs. The Analytics platform does not provide detailed insights into user demographics, such as age, gender, and location.
User Segmentation Our platform offers advanced features for user segmentation, so you can target specific user groups with customized experiences. The segmentation capabilities are limited.
Geolocation Our geolocation analysis capabilities help you track user behavior by location and optimize your website accordingly. Choose Venturz for a comprehensive and powerful analytics platform. Has limited geolocation tracking capabilities are
Affiliate Venturz offers a comprehensive affiliate management solution with advanced features such as auto-tracking of referrals and affiliate performance, auto-generated affiliate referral links and coupons, and auto-tier commissions. We also provide robust fraud protection features to safeguard your business. Squarespace does not offer affiliate marketing capabilities
Automatic tracking of referrals and affiliate performance Venturz offers robust and flexible automatic tracking of referrals and affiliate performance, giving you a wide range of options to choose from. NA
Auto-generated affiliate referral links and coupons Easy-to-use system that automatically generates affiliate referral links and coupons, making it simple for you to track and incentivize your affiliates. NA
Auto-tier commissions & MLM features Advanced auto-tier commissions and MLM features that make it easy to set up and manage complex commission structures. NA
Fraud protection
Top-of-the-line fraud protection features to keep your affiliate program secure and minimize the risk of fraudulent activity. Does not provide advanced fraud protection features
In-app chat & bulk emails Offers in-app chat and bulk email options, making it easy for you to communicate with your affiliates and keep them engaged. NA
S2S Events Tracking Venturz provides advanced S2S events tracking capabilities, allowing you to track conversions and other important metrics with ease. NA
SubID/Advertiser Variables Offers a wide range of SubID/advertiser variable options, giving you the flexibility you need to track and analyze your affiliate program performance. NA
Tracking Audit Log Venturz provides detailed tracking audit logs, giving you a clear picture of what's happening in your affiliate program at all times. NA
Pixel and Postback Management Advanced pixel and postback management capabilities, making it easy for you to track and optimize your affiliate program performance. NA
Payment Methods Management Venturz offers robust payment method management options, making it easy for you to pay your affiliates and manage your program finances. NA
Affiliate Access Management Advanced affiliate access management features, giving you full control over who has access to your program and what they can do. NA
Affiliates Newsletters Venturz offers an easy-to-use system for creating and sending affiliate newsletters, keeping your affiliates informed and engaged. NA
Custom Cookie Time Provides advanced custom cookie time options, allowing you to set custom cookie durations for specific affiliates and campaigns. NA
Custom Commission Events Venturz offers a wide range of custom commission event options, giving you the flexibility you need to set up and manage complex commission structures. NA
Manual Commission Adjustments Provides advanced manual commission adjustment options, giving you full control over your commission payouts and allowing you to make adjustments as needed. NA
Location Targeting Venturz offers advanced location targeting features, allowing you to target specific geographic regions with your affiliate program and optimize your performance. NA
Fundraising/Capital Our platform offers extensive fundraising integrations, providing you with the flexibility to manage your fundraising campaigns with ease. Does not offer any built-in fundraising tools or integrations with popular crowdfunding platforms, making it difficult for users to set up and manage fundraising campaigns.
Investor CRM With Venturz, you can fully customize your investor CRM to suit your business needs, with a wide range of options available for fields and data points.  
Investor Database Our investor database offers advanced search and filtering capabilities, giving you the ability to segment and target investors effectively. NA
Investor Updates Using our platform, you can schedule automatic updates for your investors, ensuring they are always up-to-date on your progress. NA
Pitch Deck Hosting Venturz offers extensive customization options for branding and design in our pitch deck hosting feature, allowing you to create a professional and engaging presentation. NA
Data Room Our data room feature provides extensive customization options for branding and design, ensuring a seamless and professional experience for your investors. NA
Startup Docs Venturz offers extensive document storage and sharing capabilities, allowing you to manage and share your startup documents with ease. NA
Order Book Management System This feature allows you to manage and track all of your orders in one place, providing you with greater visibility and control over your fundraising efforts. NA
Cash Settlement We understand the importance of managing your cash settlements effectively. That's why we are pleased to offer a cash settlement feature on our platform, allowing you to manage your transactions with ease. NA
Security Issuance Our platform now offers security issuance capabilities, providing you with a streamlined process for issuing and managing your securities. NA
Payments/Finance At Venturz, we provide seamless payment gateway integrations with all major providers to ensure that our customers never miss out on a sale. Unlike our competitors, our credit card processing is smooth and reliable, ensuring that your transactions are processed without any issues. We also offer a mobile payment solution for our customers who are always on-the-go. The payment processing features are relatively basic compared to some other e-commerce platforms, so you may not have as much control over things like payment methods, currencies, and checkout customization.
Credit Card Processing At Venturz, we take data privacy very seriously, and that's why we offer top-notch encryption for all our transactions to ensure that your sensitive information is always secure. Uses Stripe as its default payment processor, which is a well-regarded service but may not offer the same level of customization or flexibility as other processors.
Mobile Payments Venturz offers a seamless mobile payment solution, allowing customers to conveniently make payments through their mobile devices. Does not offer any mobile-specific payment features beyond basic mobile responsiveness for your website.
Encryption At Venturz, we understand the importance of data security and encryption. That's why we prioritize the protection of our customers' data through robust encryption measures. Squarespace does use SSL encryption to protect customer data, but other solutions offer additional layers of encryption or security features.
Digital Wallet Integration We understand that digital wallets are becoming increasingly popular, which is why we offer seamless integration with all major digital wallets to provide our customers with the flexibility they need to make payments. Does not offer integration with digital wallets like Apple Pay or Google Wallet
E-commerce Integration Our e-commerce integrations are second to none, allowing our customers to seamlessly connect their online stores to our platform and enjoy hassle-free transactions. Does not offer more robust features for managing and marketing your online store.
POS Integration Our POS integration is not only available but also fully functional, providing our customers with an easy way to manage transactions both online and in-store. Does not offer direct integration with point-of-sale (POS) systems
Multi-Currency We understand that the world is a global village, which is why we provide support for multiple currencies, allowing our customers to make and receive payments from all over the world. Squarespace supports multiple currencies, but it may not offer as much flexibility or control over how currency conversion is handled
Online payment portal At Venturz, we provide our customers with a comprehensive online payment portal that allows them to manage their transactions with ease. Does offer a payment portal where customers can manage their orders and payments
Accounting integration We offer seamless integration with all major accounting software, ensuring that our customers can manage their finances with ease. Offers some basic integrations with accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks
Invoicing Tool Our robust invoicing tool is designed to make it easy for our customers to generate and send invoices to their clients, ensuring that they get paid on time. Does not offer a standalone invoicing tool, so you may need to use a third-party solution or manually create and send invoices.
Subscription Management At Venturz, we understand that managing subscriptions can be a hassle, which is why we offer our customers robust customization options to manage their subscriptions with ease. Offers some basic subscription management features, but it may not offer as much flexibility or customization as other e-commerce solutions
Dispute handling We provide our customers with a dedicated helpdesk to handle any disputes that may arise, ensuring that their transactions are always smooth and hassle-free. Has basic dispute handling features

The Bottom Line

Venturz is more affordable.

Let's face it: marketing automation can be expensive. But with Venturz, you get all the bells and whistles at a fraction of the cost of Squarespace. Sure, Squarespace has a reputation for being a powerful platform, but why pay more than you need to? With Venturz, you get everything you need to create effective marketing campaigns

Venturz is more user-friendly.

We get it: not everyone is a tech whiz. That's why we've made Venturz as user-friendly as possible. Our intuitive interface makes creating campaigns, analyzing data, creating website pages, and managing your contacts easy. Squarespace, on the other hand, can be overwhelming for newcomers.

Venturz offers more customization.

Marketing is all about standing out from the crowd. That's why we've made sure that Venturz is highly customizable. You can tailor everything to your brand's unique style from email templates to landing pages. However, Squarespace has more rigid templates that can make it difficult to create a truly distinctive campaign.

Venturz has better customer support.

When you're running a marketing campaign, you can't afford to waste time waiting for customer support. That's why we take pride in offering top-notch customer service that's available whenever you need it. Whether you prefer to chat online or talk on the phone, our support team is ready and waiting to help you get the most out of Venturz.

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