Founder Story: She Rises Studios by Hanna Olivas and Adriana Luna Carlos






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Let's shine a light on She Rises Studios, where they have created a vibrant space dedicated to uplifting women around the globe.

As a multi-digital marketing studio and publishing company, they focus on inspiring, empowering, and educating women through a variety of channels.

From publishing books and magazines to hosting the Women’s Empowerment Podcast, they provide resources that support personal growth, professional development, and social impact.

They also offer platforms like the FENIX TV app and organize events, summits, and workshops, all designed to foster a community where women can share their experiences, gain valuable insights, and connect with others who share their aspirations.

Launched in March 2021, the She Rises Studios Podcast quickly rose to prominence, becoming a favorite among listeners on platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Join us as we explore how She Rises Studios is helping women rise to their potential and make meaningful impacts in their lives and communities.

Lets hear from them.

Please Introduce Yourself and Tell Us About Your Startup?

She Rises Studios was founded and inspired by the mother-daughter duo, Hanna Olivas and Adriana Luna Carlos. In the midst of 2020, during one of the world's most vulnerable periods, recognizing the necessity to support women globally prompted the creation of inspirational quotes, blogs, and articles.

In March 2021, the Women’s Empowerment Podcast, She Rises Studios Podcast, was launched, swiftly becoming one of the most sought-after women-centric podcasts both nationally and internationally, available on major platforms like Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, IHeartRadio, and more.

The initiative didn't stop there. Acknowledging a deeper need for a secure space for women amid the global pandemic's challenges, She Rises Studios established the She Rises Studios Community Facebook Group—a dedicated environment for and about women. The group's primary focus is on globally educating and celebrating women, meeting them precisely where they are on their individual journeys.

This collective effort is a representation of ordinary women achieving extraordinary feats, highlighting the strength found in unity. As the network expanded, the founders recognized the necessity of shaping the minds and influences of women grappling with insecurities, doubts, and fears.

This continual commitment underscores She Rises Studios' dedication to empowering and uplifting women globally, creating a space where they not only rise but also inspire others to do the same.

Overview of She Rises Studios

She Rises Studios, co-founded by the mother-daughter duo Hanna Olivas and Adriana Luna Carlos, is a multi-digital marketing studio and publishing company committed to empowering women globally.

Launched during the challenging times of 2020, the company offers a variety of platforms, including publishing, a widely acclaimed podcast, magazines, and the FENIX TV app, along with engaging events and workshops.

She Rises Studios aims to foster personal growth, professional development, and social impact, providing resources to help women overcome challenges and achieve their potential.

Initiatives like the Women’s Empowerment Podcast and the She Rises Studios Community Facebook Group offer women valuable insights and a supportive community to connect and grow.

Looking ahead, She Rises Studios plans to expand into film production and journalism to further amplify women's voices through their FENIX TV platform and podcast, continuing their mission to inspire and educate women around the world.

What Problem(s) Does Your Startup Solve?

She Rises Studios addresses the problem of limited representation and support for women in various industries and communities.

How Did Your Startup Gain Its Initial Momentum? Share Successful Strategies or Future Plans.

Our startup initially gained momentum by focusing on content creation, including inspirational quotes, blogs, and articles, while maintaining a consistent presence on social media platforms.

Moving forward, we've implemented additional strategies to sustain our growth. These include engaging a strategy coach, recognizing the importance of their expertise in guiding business development. We also conduct weekly whiteboard strategy sessions to brainstorm ideas and plan effectively.

Additionally, we hold regular strategy sessions with our team to cultivate a productive workspace and ensure alignment towards our goals.

What Were the Biggest Hurdles in Gaining Traction, and How Did You Overcome Them?

One of our biggest hurdles in gaining traction initially was, no one knew who we were, and being perceived as a mother-daughter team added another layer of skepticism. We faced significant challenges in being taken seriously, within industries dominated by both men and women.

The notion of a family business was often dismissed. To overcome these obstacles, we focused on showcasing our expertise, building a strong online presence, and consistently delivering high-quality content and services. We actively engaged with our audience, demonstrating our capabilities and expertise, which gradually earned us recognition and credibility in the industry.

Additionally, we leveraged networking opportunities and formed strategic partnerships to expand our reach and credibility further. Through perseverance and dedication, we gradually overcame these hurdles and established ourselves as credible and respected entrepreneurs in our field.

From your perspective, what's missing in the current startup environment?

From our perspective, the current startup environment lacks a focus on education and strategic planning. Many individuals expect instant gratification and anticipate acquiring millions of customers as soon as they open their doors, which often leads to unrealistic expectations and challenges in sustaining long-term growth.

Can You Share Your Experience With Fundraising? What Was Your Approach?

We embarked on our journey without any fundraising or initial capital. During the first six months we opted to promote our services vigorously from the outset. Our primary focus was on raising brand awareness and establishing ourselves as industry leaders in the market.

What Hurdles Did You Encounter While Fundraising, and How Did You Tackle Them?

While we didn't engage in fundraising efforts instead, we directed our efforts towards enhancing brand awareness, clearly defining our services, and maintaining consistency.

What’s Next for Your Startup? Any Exciting Developments on the Horizon?

What lies ahead for She Rises Studios involves a strategic pivot towards film production and journalism, particularly focusing on the expansion of FENIX TV and the She Rises Studios Podcast.

We are particularly enthusiastic about the increasing number of individuals, both men and women, venturing into entrepreneurship and the growing interest in this field.

However, I am also concerned about the overreliance on artificial intelligence (AI) while neglecting the importance of human interaction, especially in aspects like customer service and client relations.

If You Could Go back and Give Yourself One Piece of Advice at the Start of Your Journey, What Would It Be?

To prioritize my well-being by striving to be the healthiest version of myself. Setting clear boundaries and maintaining consistency in both personal and professional aspects, particularly focusing on health and wealth, would be paramount.

Additionally, I would emphasize the importance of continuous learning and acquiring as much knowledge as possible along the way.

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