Founder Story: Science Based Single Dating Events By Ksenia Droben




London, UK




Today, we'd like to introduce you to an intriguing startup called "Science Based Single Dating Events" Founded by Ksenia Droben, an international matchmaker and dating coach, they offer a unique approach to dating events.

Ksenia, recognizing a gap in leadership and expertise at typical networking events, leverages her background and introverted nature to create a special atmosphere where all guests feel included and valued.

Their events are designed with a scientific basis to enhance connections and foster meaningful interactions among singles. By applying Ksenia's personal moderation style, Science Based Single Dating Events ensures that each participant experiences something extraordinary, often without even realizing what makes the event so special.

Stay with us to read more about this exciting startup.

Please Introduce Yourself and Tell Us About Your Startup?

My name is Ksenia Droben, and I am an international matchmaker and dating coach. Over the years, I hosted and attended different networking and dating events and always showed a lack of expertise and leadership. As an introvert myself, I created my own style of "moderation, so all my guests feel something special without realizing what is special.

Overview of Science Based Single Dating Events

Science Based Single Dating Events, spearheaded by international matchmaker and dating coach Ksenia Droben, offers a revolutionary approach to dating by combining scientific principles with intimate, well-moderated events.

Recognizing the shortcomings of traditional networking and dating scenes, Ksenia crafted a unique environment that helps guests feel connected and valued, fostering deeper interactions among participants.

The startup aims to address common dating challenges faced by modern professionals who often rush decisions or struggle with initiating conversations at social events.

By applying a scientific framework to dating, Ksenia’s events teach participants to slow down, communicate effectively, and establish meaningful connections. Her personal moderation style ensures that everyone can engage comfortably and authentically, potentially without even realizing the subtle guidance they are receiving.

Since its inception, the startup has seen participants cling to familiar faces at events, a challenge Ksenia overcomes by enhancing her moderation techniques to encourage broader interactions. Science Based Single Dating Events continues to innovate, with plans to expand its reach through engaging online formats like YouTube Online Dating Game Nights.

This approach not only keeps the format fresh and exciting but also broadens the scope of interaction among singles eager to learn and improve their dating skills.

What Problem(s) Does Your Startup Solve?

Modern professionals cannot date! They are too quick in their decisions; they are too straightforward. So indirectly, I show them how to return to the roots and become better in dating and communication.

How Did Your Startup Gain Its Initial Momentum? Share Successful Strategies or Future Plans.

I was at one networking event and saw two people talking to each other all evening long. There were so many other interesting potential candidates in the room, but these two we liked glued.

Do you know why? Just because they had known each other from some other event. So having full room of other chances and opportunities these two stack together because of fear to start a new conversation and because nobody told them what to do next.

What Were the Biggest Hurdles in Gaining Traction, and How Did You Overcome Them?

I added more to my existing moderation program and looked at how it works. There were many wrong attempts, and I am still twicking.

What’s Next for Your Startup? Any Exciting Developments on the Horizon?

I host YouTube Online Dating Game Nights. It's so amazing

It's very difficult to get attention, because our prospects have too much choice.

If You Could Go back and Give Yourself One Piece of Advice at the Start of Your Journey, What Would It Be?

Good question. I would say - don't be afraid of anything and don't search for acknowledgment from other colleagues. Just do you staff and let it be

Your idea can change the world, let's make it a reality!

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