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San Antonio, Texas


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Let's highlight a promising Startup today, Hera Biotech, steered by CEO and Co-Founder Somer Baburek.

Hera Biotech is on the brink of revolutionizing the healthcare field with a groundbreaking development: the world's first non-surgical test for the definitive diagnosis and staging of endometriosis.

This condition affects an estimated 1 in 10 women globally, making Hera Biotech's work not just innovative but potentially life-changing for millions.

Their novel approach aims to simplify the often painful and invasive process traditionally associated with diagnosing this prevalent but frequently misunderstood disease.

Stay with us to learn More about Hera Biotech.

Please Introduce Yourself and Tell Us About Your Startup?

Somer Baburek, CEO and Co-Founder of Hera Biotech. Hera Biotech Is Developing And Commercializing The World’s 1st Non-Surgical Test For Definitive Diagnosis And Staging Of Endometriosis, a condition that affects 1 in 10 women globally.

Overview of Hera Biotech

Hera Biotech is poised to revolutionize the diagnosis of endometriosis with the world’s first non-surgical diagnostic test.

Co-founded by CEO Somer Baburek, Hera Biotech aims to address the significant challenges faced by 1 in 10 women globally who suffer from this condition.

Traditionally, the only definitive diagnosis for endometriosis has been through costly and invasive surgery, often resulting in delayed diagnosis and prolonged suffering.

Hera Biotech’s innovative approach began with a clear vision to transform the management of endometriosis, driven by a deep understanding of the unmet needs in women's health.

The startup faced initial challenges in securing funding, which it overcame by demonstrating the significant market potential and clinical value of their pioneering technology. This attracted investments and enabled the continuation of their research and development efforts.

Looking forward, Hera Biotech is focused on obtaining regulatory approval and launching their diagnostic tool.

This breakthrough has the potential to drastically reduce the need for invasive procedures, offering a quicker, less painful, and more accessible diagnostic option for millions of women.

With exciting developments on the horizon, Hera Biotech is set to make a substantial impact in the field of women’s health.

What Problem(s) Does Your Startup Solve?

Currently, the only definitive diagnostic for endo is costly and invasive surgery, often significantly delaying diagnosis for years.

How Did Your Startup Gain Its Initial Momentum? Share Successful Strategies or Future Plans.

Hera Biotech's journey began with a vision to revolutionize the diagnosis and management of endometriosis, a condition affecting millions of women worldwide.

The founding team of Hera Biotech recognized the glaring gap in the field of women's health, particularly concerning endometriosis.

With the condition often misunderstood and underdiagnosed, there was a pressing need for innovative solutions to improve early detection without surgery.

What Were the Biggest Hurdles in Gaining Traction, and How Did You Overcome Them?

Securing adequate funding to support research, development, and operational expenses was a recurring challenge for Hera Biotech, particularly in the competitive startup ecosystem.

Overcoming this hurdle required a multifaceted approach, including pitching to investors, applying for grants and funding opportunities, and strategically managing our resources.

By demonstrating the market potential and clinical value of our technology, we successfully attracted investment and secured funding to sustain our growth trajectory.

From your perspective, what's missing in the current startup environment?

In the current startup environment, particularly in women's health, significant gaps exist, including funding disparities, lack of diversity in leadership, research limitations, stigma, access issues, and regulatory hurdles.

Overcoming these challenges requires concerted efforts to promote investment equity, foster diversity and inclusion, increase research funding, destigmatize women's health topics, improve access to affordable care, and streamline regulatory processes.

By addressing these gaps, we can create a more supportive ecosystem for women's health startups to thrive and innovate, ultimately improving healthcare outcomes for women.

Can You Share Your Experience With Fundraising? What Was Your Approach?

Overall, Hera Biotech's approach to fundraising is strategic, collaborative, and adaptable, aiming to secure the necessary capital to drive innovation, advance our technology, and make a meaningful impact in women's healthcare.

Through a combination of investor pitches, relationship-building, non-dilutive funding sources, strategic partnerships, community engagement, and iterative refinement, we strive to secure the resources needed to achieve our vision of transforming the diagnosis of endometriosis.

What Hurdles Did You Encounter While Fundraising, and How Did You Tackle Them?

Hera Biotech faces several hurdles in fundraising, including navigating funding disparities, addressing investor biases, overcoming regulatory challenges, demonstrating market potential, and securing resources for clinical validation studies.

These hurdles require strategic approaches, relationship-building, regulatory compliance, market validation efforts, and persistence to secure the necessary capital for advancing innovation in women's health.

What’s Next for Your Startup? Any Exciting Developments on the Horizon?

Hera Biotech's next steps involve obtaining regulatory approval, launching its non-surgical diagnostic tool for endometriosis, scaling operations, advancing research, expanding globally, and fostering collaborations.

These efforts are aimed at commercializing its technology, improving access to care, and making a significant impact in women's health.

Exciting trends in endometriosis awareness and women's health include increased advocacy efforts, technological innovations like FemTech, research advancements, a shift towards patient-centered care, policy initiatives, and global collaborations.

These trends collectively contribute to improving diagnosis, treatment, and overall outcomes for individuals affected by endometriosis, fostering hope for a brighter future in women's health.

If You Could Go back and Give Yourself One Piece of Advice at the Start of Your Journey, What Would It Be?

Embracing the journey, focusing on iteration rather than perfection, and staying adaptable are essential. It's important to take small, actionable steps, gather feedback, and refine your approach while surrounding yourself with a supportive network.

Success in entrepreneurship comes from perseverance, resilience, and a willingness to learn and adapt.

Your idea can change the world, let's make it a reality!

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