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We've brought an interesting startup to the spotlight: Hello Mother, a vibrant digital agency that specializes in the lifestyle space. Under the leadership of Jason, its founder and creative force, they bring a unique mix of sass, pop culture, and strategic marketing to the table. Hello Mother isn't just any agency; they are known for their bold approach and a knack for making brands stand out in crowded markets.

They focus on creating distinctive narratives and effective communication strategies that resonate with a primarily female audience. Their expertise spans across skincare, makeup, personal care, and more, with a significant track record in influencer marketing since Jason spearheaded efforts in this field back in 2015. Operating in markets such as Australia, the US, the UK, and the UAE, Hello Mother has consistently kept its finger on the pulse of digital marketing trends.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into Hello Mother's journey with an exclusive interview with Jason, revealing how they spice up the marketing game.

Please Introduce Yourself and Tell Us About Your Startup?

I am Jason, founder and mother at Hello Mother. Hello Mother is a modern digital agency that thinks outside of the box to help you stand the fuck out. Florals? For Spring. Groundbreaking. My approach works.

I know what it takes to create an eyebrow raising narrative, market in a way that stands out with the right people and, communicate effectively. Mother’s entire marketing career has been working with innovative and interesting female focused brands.

Skincare, makeup, injectables, apparel, personal care, intimate apparel, intimacy enhancers, you name it I’ve touched it (ew?) across Australia, the US the UK & even the UAE. In 2015 I was firmly at the forefront of Influencer Marketing and that’s when things really took off for me (if you buy me a spicy margarita I’ll tell you about it sometime).

Ever since then, mother has kept a finger on the pulse when it comes to strategic brand development, influencer marketing and other digital trends and has been in business since 2019.

Overview of Hello Mother

Hello Mother is a dynamic digital agency that thrives in the lifestyle space, founded by Jason, who combines extensive experience with a vibrant, culturally in-tune approach to brand building.

This agency distinguishes itself not just through its expertise but also through its unique style—fun, filled with pop culture references, and a touch of sass, reflecting Jason’s belief that strong branding is the key differentiator for consumers in a crowded market.

Launched in 2019, Hello Mother quickly adapted to the challenges brought on by COVID-19, benefiting from an increased demand for digital presence as Jason leveraged his solid reputation with brands, celebrities, and influencers.

Despite initial challenges such as self-motivation and adapting to solo work, the agency has flourished, learning to embrace the flexibility and personal satisfaction of a streamlined operation.

Looking ahead, Hello Mother is focusing on selective growth, choosing projects that not only promise financial rewards but also personally and professionally satisfy, reflecting a matured perspective on balancing work and life.

This approach ensures that Hello Mother remains a passionate and innovative player in the digital marketing space, eagerly anticipating the fresh ideas the next generation will bring to the industry.

What Problem(s) Does Your Startup Solve?

In a nutshell, we do what needs to be done with absolute precision in a way that is strategic, unique and most importantly not obvious. Mother’s core belief is that consumers don’t shop by product, they shop by brand. That’s why everything we work on together will come from the brand down.

When you work with Hello Mother you become part of the family, one of the kids. Your mother always looks out for your best interest by keeping a holistic eye across your entire business. It’s mothers job to ensure everything going on in your world is working towards the same goal with the same message and giving consumers the same brand experience and finesse that only a mother can deliver.

How Did Your Startup Gain Its Initial Momentum? Share Successful Strategies or Future Plans.

This is an interesting one because I started in May 2019. Then COVID happened and boom, the world went into panic mode. Thankfully for me, people needed the Internet more than ever and thanks to my solid, global reputation with brands, celebrities and influencers I thrived straight away.

What Were the Biggest Hurdles in Gaining Traction, and How Did You Overcome Them?

I was really lucky to not have the pressure of needing to "find work" or "worry about money" because those boxes were ticked very quickly. My challenges were: - Learning that I can work how I want to work and in a way that is best for me.

It was really difficult to overcome and break old habits and ways of working from being employed- Motivating myself, when it's just you working it's easy to get distracted so finding a way to stay on task and self motivated was an initial learning curve that threw me a little bit at the start which also leads into not being able to brainstorm with other people and bounce ideas around - Overcoming self doubt was also another big one, when you work alone you are your own boss, cheerleader, HR department, everything.

So being able to cheer myself on was something I learned quickly because I really needed it. Of course my partner, friends and family helped here too but when it's just you and a computer those thoughts creep in

From Your Perspective, What's Missing in the Current Startup Environment?

People embracing the idea that they can create their own opportunities. This is my entire philosophy to life. You CAN figure out what you like doing and build a business or whatever from that.

You just need to really think outside of the box, break some social norms and create the opportunity for yourself. Don't give up when it doesn't make sense, make it make sense.

What’s Next for Your Startup? Any Exciting Developments on the Horizon?

I have been through many evolutions at Hello Mother. At our peak we were a team of 4 to 5 people and it was huge. It was a business I thought I wanted but learned that it wasn't what I wanted. So after pulling things back over the last couple of years it is just me now and I love that.

So I am focusing on finding more brands and people to work with that I truely love. My partner always tells me the most powerful thing you can have in business is the ability to say "no".

So I am looking for work that really fills my cup, regardless of fees, I want to work on things that make me happy and that I get a lot of enjoyment from.

I am so excited to see the next generation take over the digital and marketing space. I am 32, an uncle of 4 (aged between 21 and 13) and these kids are so inspirational. The internet escalates timelines and priorities because people want things right now and they can have that.

I know that by the time I am 40 I will be an old horse in the race because these kids will come in with new energy, new technology and new ideas and I can't wait to embrace them and see what they do.

If You Could Go back and Give Yourself One Piece of Advice at the Start of Your Journey, What Would It Be?

Haha, I would tell myself to actually listen to my partner. He told me to take it slow, don't worry about anything just find my feet as they land. My over stimulated, hard working brain was always against that, I was pushing myself, go, go, go, find clients, do more work, whatever.

If you finish at 3 instead of 5 you worked too fast and can fill that time with MORE WORK! Whereas now I have really learned the balance. Work isn't about time, it's about tasks.

Get the tasks done to the best possible standard you can. Don't go slow, don't go fast. Once it's done, your job is done and you can be satisfied with that.

Your idea can change the world, let's make it a reality!

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