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Create Various Poll Types 🗳️

With our polling software, you can create multiple types of polls, including multiple choice, quiz, rating, and ranking polls. Whether you're looking to get quick feedback, test knowledge, or gauge opinions, our versatile poll maker makes it simple. Plus, you can even integrate pictures and videos to make your polls more engaging and interactive.

Add Open Text Responses and Set Logics 📝

Enhance your polls by allowing open text responses where users can freely express their thoughts. You can also set smart logics, such as "Only show poll results after they have voted," to ensure a fair polling process. This feature helps you gather more detailed and honest feedback from your community, making your polls more insightful.

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Schedule Your Polls and Manage Memberships 📅

Plan ahead by scheduling your polls to go live at the perfect time. Our polling software allows you to set up polls in advance and manage them effortlessly. Additionally, you can handle membership management seamlessly, ensuring that your community members are engaged and participating actively in the polls you create.

Analyze Results and Foster Community Interaction 📊

Once your polls are live and responses start coming in, our software makes it easy to analyze the results. You can see detailed statistics and insights, helping you understand your community better. Use these insights to foster more meaningful interactions and discussions within your community, making it a vibrant and engaging place for everyone.

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The impact we made, in their own words...


"Using the Venturz poll maker in our community forum has been fantastic. We can easily create different types of polls and get quick feedback from our members. It’s simple to use and really helps us understand what our community thinks." - Emily S., Community Manager


"Our team loves the Venturz poll maker feature. It’s so easy to create quizzes and rating polls for our community. We also appreciate being able to schedule polls in advance. It’s a great tool for keeping our members engaged." - John D., Forum Administrator


"The Venturz poll maker has been a great addition to our community software. We’ve used it to run quizzes, collect open text responses, and even integrate videos into our polls. It’s made our forum more interactive and fun for everyone." - Lisa M., Community Coordinator

🙋🏻 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I create a poll with Venturz poll maker?
Creating a poll with the Venturz poll maker is simple. Just log in to your account, navigate to the poll maker feature, and choose the type of poll you want to create. You can add questions, set multiple-choice options, or enable open text responses. Once you’ve customized your poll, you can easily share it with your community and start collecting responses.
Can I use the poll maker for anonymous polls?
Yes, our online poll maker allows you to create anonymous polls. This feature ensures that respondents can answer honestly without revealing their identities. It’s perfect for getting unbiased feedback and making informed decisions based on genuine responses from your community.
What types of polls can I create using the poll generator?
With our poll generator, you can create various types of polls including multiple choice, quiz, rating, ranking, and open text polls. You can also integrate pictures and videos to make your polls more engaging. This versatility makes it easy to gather detailed feedback and insights from your community.
How to create a poll online for free?
To create a poll online for free, simply sign up for an account with our free online poll maker. Once you’re logged in, navigate to the poll creation section. From there, you can customize your poll with different question types and settings. After setting up your poll, you can share it via a link or embed it on your website to start collecting responses.
What are the benefits of using an online poll maker for community engagement?
Using an online poll maker, like the one provided by Venturz, helps boost community engagement by allowing members to easily share their opinions. It helps gather valuable insights quickly and efficiently, making your community more interactive. Additionally, features like scheduling polls and setting logic (e.g., only show results after voting) enhance the polling experience and ensure you get the most accurate feedback.

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