10+ Best Free Social Listening Tools in 2024

If you're playing around in the social media space, your brand's reputation is your most valuable asset. Staying in tune with what's being said about you online – by customers, competitors, or even the media is crucial.

Social media is always changing, and it can be tough to keep up with all the different chats and posts. That's where a social media monitoring tool really helps out.

Every day, your audience is expressing their views and experiences on various social media platforms. Understanding these social media conversations is not just beneficial; it's essential for shaping your brand's presence online. They are the eyes and ears you need in the vast and dynamic world of social media.

Let's explore into the world of free social listening tools and discover how they can transform your approach to using social listening media.

11 Best Free Social Listening Tools

  1. Sprout Social
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Google Alerts
  4. BuzzSumo
  5. Brandwatch
  6. Mention
  7. TweetDeck
  8. Brand24
  9. Keyhole
  10. Meltwater
  11. YouScan

1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a dynamic, social media tracker and listening tool designed for businesses and marketing professionals focused on enhancing their social media marketing strategies.

It stands out for its robust approach to social media insights and brand reputation management. Sprout Social is not just about monitoring social media accounts, it's about diving deep into the analytics to understand the impact of social media conversations on your brand.


  • In-Depth Sentiment Analysis: Sprout Social goes beyond basic brand mentions, offering nuanced insights into the tone and sentiment of social media conversations. This feature is crucial for understanding how your brand is perceived and for tailoring your response strategies.

  • Keyword Monitoring: The tool excels in tracking relevant keywords associated with your brand. This helps in staying ahead of important conversations and trends, allowing for timely engagement and strategy adjustments.

  • Social Media Tracker: This feature provides a comprehensive overview of your social media accounts, gathering data across platforms to offer a unified view of your social media presence.

  • Brand Reputation Management: Sprout Social is adept at managing brand reputation online. It helps in identifying both positive and negative mentions, enabling you to take proactive steps in reputation management.

  • Valuable Insights from User-Generated Content: By analyzing user-generated content, Sprout Social provides insights into customer preferences and behaviors, which can be leveraged to enhance your social media content and engagement strategies.

  • Comprehensive Social Media Insights: The tool offers detailed analytics and reports, giving you a clear picture of your social media performance and audience engagement levels.

2. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a widely recognized tool in the realm of social media management, catering to businesses and insights professionals. It's particularly effective for market research and tracking social conversations across various social networks.

Hootsuite's ability to integrate multiple other social media platform accounts into one dashboard makes it a go-to tool for managing and observing social media interactions.


  • Track Conversations: Hootsuite allows you to monitor social conversations, helping you understand what's being said about your brand on different social platforms.

  • Manage Multiple Social Accounts: It simplifies managing various social accounts, enabling you to post, respond, and engage with your target audience from a single platform.

  • Key Influencers Identification: The tool helps in identifying key influencers and stakeholders in your industry, which is crucial for competitive intelligence and building partnerships.

  • Customer Experience Insights: Hootsuite provides insights into customer experiences, helping you tailor your content and engagement strategies to meet audience needs.

  • Historical Data Analysis: Access to historical data on social media interactions offers valuable insights for crafting future strategies.

3. Google Alerts

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a straightforward, yet powerful tool for tracking mentions of your brand across web pages and news articles. It's particularly useful a social listening tool for insights professionals and businesses looking to keep an eye on their online presence without investing in paid platforms.


  • Track Conversations and Mentions: Google Alerts lets you track conversations and mentions of your brand across the web by setting up alerts for specific search terms.

  • Market Research: It aids in market research by providing updates on industry trends, competitor activities, and relevant news.

  • Competitive Intelligence: By monitoring mentions of competitors, Google Alerts offers competitive intelligence, helping you stay informed about the market.

  • Customizable Alerts: You can customize alerts based on specific keywords, frequency, and the type of content you want to monitor, making it a flexible tool for different needs.

4. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is a highly regarded social media listening tool, for those looking to enhance their content strategy and track social mentions effectively. It's particularly useful for insights into brand sentiment and understanding what content resonates with audiences on various social channels.


  • Content Strategy Enhancement: BuzzSumo aids in developing a robust content strategy by identifying relevant content that engages audiences.

  • Track Mentions and Social Posts: The tool allows you to track mentions and social posts related to your brand, providing insights into public perception and engagement.

  • Hashtag Analytics: It offers hashtag analytics, helping you understand the impact and reach of your social media campaigns.

  • Search Engine Insights: BuzzSumo also provides insights from search engines, helping you understand how your content performs in search results.

  • Paid Plans for Advanced Features: While BuzzSumo offers basic functionalities, its paid plans unlock more advanced features for comprehensive social mention and brand sentiment analysis.

BuzzSumo is ideal for those who need in-depth insights into content performance and social media trends, making it a valuable tool for refining content strategies.

5. Brandwatch


Brandwatch is a sophisticated tool designed for deep analysis of social mentions and brand sentiment. It's widely used by businesses and professionals who require detailed insights from social channels and review platforms.


  • Brand Sentiment Analysis: Brandwatch excels in analyzing brand sentiment across social media, providing valuable insights into how your brand is perceived.

  • Track Mentions Across Platforms: The tool enables you to track mentions related to your brand across various social channels and review platforms, offering a comprehensive view of your online presence.

  • Search Engine Monitoring: It also monitors search engine results, providing insights into how your brand is being discussed in broader online contexts.

  • Paid Subscriptions for Comprehensive Analysis: Brandwatch offers paid subscriptions that provide in-depth analytics and more advanced monitoring capabilities.

  • Content Strategy Insights: The tool helps in refining your content strategy by identifying what types of content and topics are most effective in engaging your target audience.

6. Mention


Mention is a standout free social listening tool that caters to businesses and marketers looking to enhance their social media and social listening tools capabilities. It's designed to streamline social media marketing efforts by providing comprehensive insights into brand monitoring.


  • Monitor Brand Mentions: Mention excels in its ability to monitor brand mentions across various social media platforms, keeping you informed about what's being said about your brand.

  • Aggregates User-Generated Content: This tool also aggregates user-generated content, offering a broader view of how your brand is perceived and engaged with by the audience.

  • Track Brand Mentions: With Mention, tracking brand mentions becomes effortless, allowing for real-time responses and engagement.

  • Free Social Media Listening: As a free social listening tool, Mention provides essential features without the need for a paid subscription, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Mention is ideal for those who need a straightforward, effective solution for free social listening tools, media listening and brand monitoring without the financial commitment of paid tools.

7. TweetDeck


TweetDeck is a highly specialized free social listening tool, specifically designed for managing and monitoring Twitter accounts. It's an excellent choice for businesses and individuals who want to focus their social media listening tools on this particular top social platform.


  • Monitor Brand Mentions on Twitter: TweetDeck allows users to monitor brand mentions specifically on Twitter, providing a focused approach to social media listening.

  • Aggregates User-Generated Content from Twitter: The tool is adept at aggregating user-generated content from Twitter, offering insights into how your brand is discussed and engaged with on the platform.

  • Free Social Media Tool for Twitter: As a free tool, TweetDeck is accessible to anyone looking to enhance their Twitter-based social media marketing efforts without additional costs.

  • Customizable Twitter Monitoring: Users can customize their monitoring experience, focusing on specific hashtags, keywords, or user accounts for more targeted social media listening.

TweetDeck is perfect for those who want a dedicated, free tool for managing their Twitter presence and engaging effectively with their audience on this social network.

8. Brand24


Brand24 emerges as a powerful social media monitoring platform tool, specifically designed to cater to the needs of marketing and insights professionals. It's an ideal choice for businesses looking to refine their social media strategy with real-time data and analytics.


  • Real-Time Monitoring: Brand24 excels in providing real-time monitoring of relevant conversations across social media platforms, ensuring you're always in the know.

  • Enhance Social Media Strategy: With its comprehensive insights, Brand24 helps in fine-tuning your social media strategy, ensuring it aligns with audience behaviors and trends.

  • Targeted for Marketing Professionals: The tool is tailored to meet the specific needs of marketing and insights professionals, offering detailed analytics and reporting features.

  • Track Relevant Conversations: Brand24 enables you to track relevant conversations about your brand, competitors, or industry, providing a wealth of information to inform your marketing strategies.

Brand24 stands out among top social listening tools for its ability to offer detailed and real-time insights, making it a valuable tool for those serious about enhancing their social media presence.

9. Keyhole


Keyhole positions itself as an advanced social media monitoring tool, offering in-depth analytics that are crucial for marketing and insights professionals. It's designed to help businesses and individuals craft and execute a data-driven, social media monitoring strategy.


  • In-Depth Social Media Analytics: Keyhole provides comprehensive analytics, helping you understand the impact of your social media efforts and refine your strategies accordingly.

  • Focus on Relevant Conversations: The tool's ability to track relevant conversations on social media ensures that you're always aware of what's being said about your brand and industry.

  • Tailored for Social Media Strategy Development: Keyhole's features are specifically designed to aid in the development and execution of a robust social media strategy.

  • Ideal for Marketing Professionals: With its advanced features, Keyhole is particularly useful for marketing and insights professionals looking for detailed insights into social media trends and audience behaviors.

Keyhole is an excellent choice for those who need advanced tools to guide their own social media marketing strategy, offering a depth of insights that can significantly enhance social media engagement and effectiveness.

10. Meltwater


Meltwater is a sophisticated tool designed for marketing professionals seeking a deeper understanding of their marketing campaigns. While it doesn't offer a free version, its comprehensive features make it a valuable investment for serious marketing efforts.


  • In-Depth Analysis for Marketing Campaigns: Meltwater provides detailed analytics, helping you gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and adjust strategies for better outcomes.

  • Deeper Understanding of Audience Engagement: The tool offers insights into audience behaviors and preferences, allowing for a deeper understanding of how to engage effectively with your target market.

  • Comprehensive Social Media Monitoring: Meltwater’s extensive monitoring capabilities ensure you’re always informed about relevant conversations and trends in your industry.

Meltwater is ideal for businesses and marketing professionals who require a comprehensive tool to enhance their marketing strategies and understand their audience better.

11. YouScan


YouScan stands out with its visual analytics capabilities, offering marketing professionals a unique way to gain a deeper understanding of their marketing campaigns. Although it doesn't have a free version, its advanced features justify the investment for businesses focused on detailed analytics.


  • Visual Analytics for Marketing Insights: YouScan specializes in visual analytics, providing a novel approach to understanding social media interactions and audience responses to marketing campaigns.

  • Deeper Understanding of Social Media Trends: The tool helps you gain a deeper understanding of the latest social media trends, enabling you to tailor your campaigns for maximum impact.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring for Informed Strategies: YouScan’s monitoring capabilities ensure you have all the necessary data to make informed decisions about your marketing strategies.

YouScan is an excellent choice for marketing professionals who are looking for advanced tools to gain deeper insights into their marketing campaigns and audience behaviors.

The Bottom Line

So, we just went through a bunch of cool social media listening tools and monitoring platforms. These tools are like your secret agents on social media – they help you understand what people are saying about your brand and what's trending.

And guess what? You don't always need to spend money to get these insights. There are some great free tools out there that can do the job without costing you a penny.

Think of these free tools are as your helpers in making sense of the social media jungle. Whether you're planning a big marketing move or just want to see what's up with your audience, these tools are super handy. They're easy to use and can give you a deeper understanding of your social media game.