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Jenna N., Owner CycloMedian

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Olivia, CEO RunningMotion

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Joe, SaaS founder

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The operating system for your business

Cluttered apps and services mean messy business. With Venturz, access everything you need to build your business in a single platform โ€” from creating landing pages & sending email campaigns to managing the community & raising funds, Venturz allows founders to run their ventures seamlessly from one place while rewarding all the stakeholders in the process.

Website Builder & CMS

Say goodbye to clunky, outdated websites! Use our powerful rich editor to create landing pages, blogs, posts, and more.

Our Website Builder & CMS is easy to use, intuitive, and produces stunning results. Create a website that looks like a million bucks, without spending a million bucks.

Popular features:

โœ… Drag and Drop Design

โœ… Mobile Responsive

โœ… SEO Optimization

โœ… Authentication

โœ… Access control

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationships are the backbone of any successful business. Our CRM helps you manage those relationships with ease, keeping track of every interaction and ensuring your customers feel valued.

Popular features:

โœ… Contact Management

โœ… Sales Pipeline Management

โœ… Customer Interaction Tracking

โœ… Email Integration

โœ… Reporting and Analytics

Community Forum

Engage with your audience and build a community around your brand. Our Community Forum allows you to create a space where customers can connect with you and each other.

Popular features:

โœ… User Profiles

โœ… Moderation Tools

โœ… Notifications and Alerts

โœ… Discussion Threads

โœ… Gamification

Email & Unified Inbox

Get a personalized inbox for yourself, the rest of the team members, and for any other system role.

Easily see and respond to all incoming customer messages.

Popular features:

โœ… Public vs Private Inbox

โœ… Customize to/from fields

โœ… Add labels to conversations

โœ… Read receipts

Helpdesk & Live Chat

Customer support doesn't have to be a nightmare. Our Helpdesk & Live Chat tool allows you to manage support requests efficiently and keep your customers happy.

Popular features:

โœ… Ticketing system

โœ… Live chat

โœ… Knowledge base

โœ… Customizable email notifications

โœ… Reporting and analytics

Marketing Campaigns

Say goodbye to impersonal emails that end up in the spam folder. Our Email Marketing tool allows you to create personalized, targeted emails that are sure to capture your customers' attention.

Popular features:

โœ… Drag and Drop Email Builder

โœ… Email Campaign Automation

โœ… Subscriber List Management

โœ… A/B Testing

โœ… Analytics and Reporting

Form Builder

Capture valuable customer data with our Form Builder. This tool allows you to easily create custom forms that can be embedded on your website or shared via social media.

With features such as conditional logic and multi-step forms, you can create a seamless user experience that encourages engagement and conversions.

Popular features:

โœ… Customizable Form Fields

โœ… Conditional Logic

โœ… Multi-Step Forms

โœ… Embedding and Sharing Options

โœ… Data Validation and Security


Track your marketing performance and gain valuable insights with our Analytics tool. With real-time data and customizable reports, you can see how your campaigns are performing and make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing strategy.

Popular features:

โœ… Real-Time Reporting

โœ… Customizable Dashboards

โœ… Campaign Tracking

โœ… Conversion Tracking

โœ… Data Visualization and Reporting

Startup Academy

Find the best and most comprehensive resources on entrepreneurship and building your venture.

With 200+ in-depth guides on topics โ€” ranging from marketing to fundraising โ€” learn everything you ever wanted to know about starting up and building a successful business.

Popular features:

โœ… 200+ guides

โœ… Structured by topics

โœ… Written by experts

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