Version History & Backups

Preserve, restore, and evolve effortlessly. Version control is made easy with reliable backups and seamless updates.

1. Effortless Version Tracking

✔️ Automatically log every change made to your website, ensuring no update is lost.

✔️ Easily roll back to previous versions with a simple click.

✔️ View detailed histories of who made changes and when.

✔️ Maintain consistency and accuracy in content updates.

✔️ Secure your website against unintended modifications or errors.

2. Reliable Backup Systems

✔️ Automatic backups save your site’s data at regular intervals.

✔️ Protect against data loss from server failures or security breaches.

✔️ Restore entire websites or specific content from any point in time.

✔️ Keep multiple backup versions for different recovery scenarios.

✔️ Peace of mind with robust data protection measures.

3. Streamlined Content Restoration

✔️ Quickly recover pages or entire sites without needing technical support.

✔️ Selective restoration lets you choose exactly what to revert.

✔️ Minimize downtime by efficiently managing content reversions.

✔️ Maintain operational continuity during website updates or redesigns.

✔️ Empower teams with tools to manage their own content recovery.

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Never lose your work again - Version History and Backups keep your content safe and secure in Venturz, ready to be restored at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is version history?
Version history lets you see and revert to previous versions of your files, ensuring you never lose important changes.
How often are backups created?
Backups are automatically created daily, and you can also manually initiate a backup anytime you need.
How do I restore a previous version of a file?
To restore a file, go to the version history, select the version you want to revert to, and click 'Restore'.
Can I view changes made by different users?
Yes, you can see who made changes and what changes were made in each version of a file.
How long are backups stored?
Backups are stored for 30 days, giving you ample time to recover any necessary information.

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